My name is Yuriko Fujita, President and Representative Director of Beauty Door Co.,LTD.
It is a pleasure to meet you.

Q. Please tell us about your company’s business.

A R&D engineer who loves cosmetics and is a cosmetics geek started a cosmetics OEM and ODM manufacturing business.
We started our business on February 22, 2006.
We started with nothing in terms of people, goods, or money, and obtained four licenses in a 30-square-meter S-CUBE: cosmetics manufacturing, quasi-drugs manufacturing, cosmetics manufacturing and sales, and quasi-drugs manufacturing and sales.

Q.Please introduce your original products and the products you handle.

White Flash. It is our original product.
It removes tartar, prevents bad breath, whitens teeth, prevents cavities, and removes stains from teeth.
This is done with the help of light.
The world’s first tungsten oxide floats stains and removes them with a light toothbrush. It is a whitening toothpaste.
The world’s first tungsten oxide, which is registered by Beauty Doors as a cosmetic ingredient.

Next, “White Flash VC Essence Lotion.”
This is extracted from sake lees of Sen no Rikyu, a sake brewer in Sakai City, and we exported a small amount to Korea as an original product of Sakai.
For people in their late 20s to mid 30s, one bottle of this lotion is sufficient after cleansing the face.

Whiteflush 3B Mist.
This is, you see, a multifunctional mist. Many people wear masks to prevent infection. Many of them have trouble with the smell of their own mouths.
In such cases, we ask them to put two or three puffs of the product in their mouths.
The mouth odor will disappear for 1.5 to 2 hours. Please give it a try.
This is also very interesting. It is a white cream, but it turns into the color of your own skin. There are red, yellow, and black in the microcapsules, and the color comes out when the microcapsules are crushed.
Foundation is a very difficult thing to choose a color for, but this is a foundation that does not require you to choose a color.

Also, the “microneedle” is a hot topic right now.
This is a method of inserting hyaluronic acid and collagen directly into the skin.
Just put it on your skin. We sent the ingredients we wanted to put into the skin, and this is a product made in collaboration with Korea.

Q. Please give us one last comment.

Beauty Door Co.,LTD is a cosmetics ODM & OEM (contract manufacturing) company that plans, develops, and manufactures original cosmetics using raw materials of specific origin in Japan, original raw material extracts only for customers, and the latest original raw materials imported from overseas. We meet the diverse needs of our customers with the high development capabilities of our cosmetics-enthusiast developers, who are mainly PhDs in agriculture, and the wide range of products we handle.

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