PL. & DEV.

PL. & DEV.

planning and development

We make the most of our know-how cultivated over many years,
We quickly develop products that satisfy both manufacturers and consumers.
We exchange information with raw material manufacturers and flavor manufacturers,
We are constantly exchanging information with raw material manufacturers and fragrance manufacturers, and measuring the latest technical information and efficacy effects,
We always aim to create products that satisfy our customers.
Currently, there are about 10,000 kinds of raw materials that can be used for cosmetics.
We carefully select these raw materials and strive to create safer and more reliable products.

Research and Development

Planning and development of beauty doors

OEM manufacturing is thoroughly efficient with a full inspection system, precise quantity control, and lean operations.
In-house products such as “White Flash,” the world’s first toothpaste with photocatalytic tungsten oxide technology, and overseas collaborative products such as BB cream that turns white to your skin color on the skin are also popular.
The president, who is a doctor of agriculture, and his research staff conduct development, enabling speedy development.

Flow to Commercialization

Steps to commercialization of cosmetics and health foods

Business Meeting

  • We will meet with you at your convenience for meetings, in person or via web conferencing.
  • We will listen to your needs such as product concept, image, target, sales route, price, etc.
  • In addition to skin care, we can provide a wide range of services for hair care, oral care, edible oils and fats, and health foods.

Planning and Proposals

  • Dr. Yuri-P, a “cosmetics geek” with a thorough knowledge of the cosmetics industry, proposes products that satisfy customers’ hearts and skin and are demanded by the market, based on his accumulated know-how.
  • We propose high value-added cosmetics with trendy raw materials and our original raw materials, such as stories for expanding the sales market, renewal of existing cosmetics, etc., such as reviewing existing brands to expand sales, launching new brands, and improving the functional value of existing brands.
  • Joint research and development is available, including industry-academia partnerships and your company’s technology. We can also handle small-lot, high-mix, quasi-drugs.

Formulation development ・ Prototyping

  • We utilize original raw materials, research their beauty effects, and apply them to cosmetics. We can also develop skin care products using raw materials from food companies and plant materials.
  • We will select raw materials and their amounts accurately based on multifaceted raw material surveys and basic research on the various characteristics of raw materials, including the development of original raw materials unique to your company and the compatibility of raw materials used in combination.
  • We can also respond to your requests regarding feel, viscosity, aroma, taste, etc.

Stability and Safety assessment

  • To ensure that our customers can use our products with peace of mind, we conduct safety tests such as antiseptic strength tests and confirm product stability.
  • We also examine efficacy and pharmaceutical conformity.

Product Specification Proposal

  • We will propose container selection and package design according to your concept.
  • We will check with you until you are satisfied with the product for the creation of your own original product.


After the formulation is finalized and details such as production quantity are determined, we will provide you with a written estimate.

Regulatory Filings

  • We strictly adhere to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and protect ourselves, our employees, and our customers.
  • We can also handle applications for marketing authorization and PMDA.

Production and Delivery

  • We provide safe and reliable products under a strict quality control system at our own cosmetics GMP-compliant factory.
  • We have our own factory, numerous domestic production sites, and overseas production sites, and can flexibly handle everything from small-lot to mass production.
  • We are able to set the agitation conditions, etc. during manufacturing, taking into account the differences in agitation conditions, etc. during prototyping, and produce products with almost the same quality as prototypes.
  • We are able to set the agitation conditions, etc. during manufacturing, taking into account the differences in agitation conditions, etc. during prototyping, and produce products with almost the same quality as prototypes.


  • We can also provide social networking support for selling if desired.
    We provide a wide range of follow-up support after delivery, including repeat orders and proposals for formulation improvement and renewal based on marketing information.
  • We will propose plans and proposals, including target research based on marketing that meets market needs.
  • We contribute to our customers’ needs with our speedy development technology, creativity, productivity, marketing capabilities, and dependable support.