Whitening WF Serum on repeat♪

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This is a popular carbonated whitening serum.
This quasi-drug contains two active ingredients, tranexamic acid and dipotassium glycyrrhizate.

I, Staff T, also use this product.

It is my favorite cosmetic product that I have purchased in the past few years.♪

The best thing about this product is the way it feels!
The sensation of the product on the skin is pleasant!
The refreshing citrus scent also soothes me, and the carbonated bubbles after my bath is my blissful time (^^).

When I ran out of the first bottle, I started getting compliments on my skin.
It makes me a little happy.
The second bottle is almost gone!

Summer is in full swing now.
I’m an outdoorsy type of person, but I’m going to make sure to put on sunscreen,
After washing my face, I will enjoy this summer with “Whitening WF Serum”.♪